A downloadable EverydayItemMan for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Press space to lock your cursor again if it gets unlocked.

Dev Team- David Vinokurov, Primael Quemerais, Julian Versluis, Arvid Hejdenberg (DeZapp)

Music- Arvid Hejdenberg (Also known as "DeZapp" on soundcloud. Go check him out!)

Programming- David Vinokurov and Primael Quemerais (But mostly Primael) c:

Original Design Idea- The entire team

Design and balancing- David Vinokurov

Models and art- Julian Versluis and David Vinokurov (But mostly Julian) c:

Animation: Julian Versluis

Level Design (and credits writing)- David Vinokurov c;

We definately stretched the time as far as we could, it was very stressfull in the end but we learned so so much from this project, and had a lot of fun together too, hope you'll like the game !

/*Apologies to all mac and linux users, because of a shortage on time we couldn't export for mac and linux.*/

EDIT: Ported to Mac OS and Linux enjoy guys !!! ;)

Sound effects created using BFXR.

also apologies for no web player i really wanted it but also no time, sorry.

EDIT: WebPlayer should be online soon ;)

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EverydayItemMan_Linux.zip 28 MB
EverydayItemMan_MacOS.app.zip 27 MB
EverydayItemMan_Windows.zip 25 MB


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